About BPM

Barnes Precision Machine Inc. (BPM) believes in making top quality rifles and parts that will last a lifetime and provide unmatched performance that exceeds customer expectations.

With our experience and success in the job shop industry since our inception in 1992, BPM is known as a reputable OEM manufacturer/supplier of precision machined firearms parts to the specific AR15 industry for up to fifteen AR15/M16/M4 type rifle companies. Our state of the art plant, located in Apex North Carolina, boast 31 CNC machines as well as 10 Swiss lathes.

We have had steady success and growth with our own brand of AR15/M4 style rifles and products since 2009. In 2015, we launched our complete .308 rifles, offering a 16” CQB and a 20” LR-10. For 2016 we will debut the Magpul Mlock on our Ultra-Lite Handguard.

We are most well known for our handguard/barrel nut design, loved by many top-level professional shooters, as well as military and law enforcement agencies. We are also known for our standard features machined into our lower receivers in house, such as tension screw device to control tension between upper and lower, (replaces rubber/plastic wedge type devices- that can be split, and fall into fire control group-rendering weapon inoperable) as well as take down pin detent retention set screw, that allows stock changes, with no loss of spring/detent for rear takedown pin.

BPM has been licensed as a type 7 manufacturer by the BATF as well as having a SOT stamp for silencer/suppressor manufacture. We are listed with DOD under small business classification/status. Our Cage code is 4UYC4, and our CCR # is 926591983. We are also an ISO9001 certified plant. To help assure quality in our products, we have a state of the art Coordinate Measuring Machine in our quality control Lab, as well as a very dedicated and talented staff for proper implementation of quality control procedures, per our ISO9001 certifications. BPM has been vetted by the National Tactical Officers association (NTOA) and National Sheriffs Association (NSA) with exceptional test and evaluation scores since 2008.

So whether you are a retail shop providing rifles for your customers, law enforcement / military looking to outfit your agents or manufacturers who need high quality parts for your rifle builds, BPM can help you succeed.