Client Testimonials

Our rifles are in use by shooters in a variety of roles. From military and law enforcement personnel, to competition and recreational shooters. Here's what a few of our clients have to say about our products.

Received via email 2010 from an active US Army service member:

"Dear Andrew,

I hope this email finds you and yours well.  I see your taking your show on the road to the Shot Show.  I'm sure you'll be well received and I would like to do my part to help promote your excellent equipment.  I've been carrying your rifle around Afghanistan for the last 6 months and it's done great.  Never a malfunction and very accurate.  I'm finishing off the the third can of military issue 118LR.  So since new, the rifle has over a thousand rounds through it without a malfunction. It still holds minute of angle when I put a 10x scope on it, and can do failure drills and fast engagements when I have my ELCAN on it. 

Thanks again for everything,"

[the senders name has been withheld for security reasons]

Received via email November 2013

"I received the upper that I won from the Blue Ridge Mountain 3gun prize table yesterday.  I can not say enough good things about the amazing piece of hardware that you sent.  I just want to say thank you for so generously supporting the sport of 3gun.  I will be sure to tell everyone I can about my amazing new upper.

Thank you,

Ryan P"

Received via email in February 2014 by a Barne's Precision Shooter.  He writes about sharing his DMR18 with his friend Doug Koenig.

"Good Morning,
I had a chance to take a new friend of mine out to the range yesterday and let him shoot your DMR.
We shot out to 800 yards and in some pretty windy conditions. He was very impressed with your rifle! I had him sign a 4 shot 800 target.

Do you recognize him? I figure you most likely will.

Gary H."

Received via US Mail December 2013

"Mr. Barnes,

Enclosed, please fine a small token of my appreciation for your above generosity and service in machining my rifle barrel to remove the marks I rather stupidly inflicted on it.  As a farmer of some years, I shoud have knwon better , and you can rest assured that I will not subject this exceptional rifle to any further such damage - from now on, only proper procedures with the proper tools.

[personal message removed]

Again, thank you and i hope your Holiday season is a good one.

Lon W."

Received via email November 2013

"I received my new Patrolman's CQB AR-15 rifle about a month ago, and have shot this several times, including through a department range session, and have been extremely impressed by the quality and accuracy of this rifle.  After shooting other brands including Rainer and Daniel's Defense as well as our current patrol rifle brand, I believe that this rifle stands head and shoulders about the rest.  The standard features, including the Nickel Boron coating on the bolt carrier group, separate this rifle from other AR-15 offerings.  Although I only have 300-400 rounds through this gun, it has functioned flaslessly and was more accurate than more expensive rifles I have fired.  When it is time to replace out current patrol rifles, Barnes will be at the top of my list!  I am saving my money for the .300 Blackout next!

Wally S."

Received via email November 2013

"I purchased [a BPM CQB Patrolman MOE] yesterday at Bob's Gun Shop in Norfolk, VA.  I immediately took it out to some private land where we have a range set up.  It apparently was bore sited because it was nearly dead on at 50 yards right out of the box!  It ran flawlessly through 150 rounds.  The muzzle flip and recoil was noticeably better than other ARs we were shooting.  It may be too early to tell, but I believe you have created a top quality "American Made" rifle at an excellent price.  I look forward to spending more range time with this rifle and reporting back with a complete review.

[Content regarding pricing of other products removed.]

Thank you and keep up the great work.


Tim H."

Received via mail December 2013

"Dear Andrew and the Barnes Precision Machine Gang,

I am overwhelmed by the response I have received over my Robar NP3 coated DMR.  As you know I work at Point Blank Range in Mooresville, NC, and as you could guess, I am surrounded by shooters with many different backgrounds.  There is one thing, however, that they all have in common.  They love my new gun, and all want to know how to get their hands on one.  Don't worry.  I have told them and will continue to tell everyone about the best kept secret in NC.  (By the way, the NC tribute you engrave on the front of the mag well is outstanding!)

Looking forward to building my Barne's collection even larger,

Troy P.
NRA Training Counselor
Mooresville, NC"

Received via email December 2013

"My name is David T. [last name redacted].  I recently received the BPM rifle I ordered and have already fired around 1,000 rounds through it.  It is without a doubt the fines weapon of the AR platform I own.  So far, I've had zero malfunctions and the accuracy (after a little fine tuning) is unbelievable.  The one I own is chambered in .223. Wylde, and I look forward to ordering one chambered in the 300 Blackout.  Thank you for producing such a fine product.  You have a customer and fan for life.

David T."

Received via email January 2014

"Hi Andrew,

Great to meet you at Rumble at the Range.  Rifles look phenomenal and I'm very impressed with your facilities, and what you have built up.

[Personal message removed]

Hope you had a safe journey back home, and recovered from Shot Show.

Mike H.
Washington State"

Received via email January 2014

"To Whom it may concern:

This past Friday (1.24.14) my wife went with me to the gun store to purchase a new AR for my 47th birthday.  I know, she is a keeper.  After handling several flavors of AR-15s it was readily apparent the CQB Patrolman's Carbine was the best choice.  It had all of the features I was looking for and even my wife made the comment of how much better the quality was over other rifles in the same price range.

Thanks for building such a great product, especially right here in NC.

Dunn, NC"

Received via email June 2013

"Dear Sir,
I recently purchased a BPM CQB Patrolman Carbine, and also took a friend who purchased the same rifle [to the range].  I had built a rifle last year with a Barnes lower and was very impressed with the high quality and machining on the lower.  The rifle did not disappoint.  I own several ARs and have shot many of the higher end rifles from makes like Noveske, Daniel Defense, LMT and others and I feel the BPM rifles are equal if not better in all facets.

Great to know this high end manufacturing facility is right here in our backyard.

Jim C.
Fuquay Varina, NC